Friday, May 06, 2005

Breathe In...Breathe Out...

Why in the world would anybody want to learn my "secret"??? Today I got an invitation to lunch from someone who wants just that. My secret? To what? To success? To balance? To a happy life? Yikes! I am so stressed most of the time that I become ineffective at home AND at work!

But today? Today will be different. A Ha! I have found the get control of your life. Can't go from zero to one hundred in one blast—or so I'm told. I'm not supposed to know everything...I'm not? Since when?

Okay, today's blessing is sponsored by J. "Moms make things all better". Her words. At nineteen. That was the Mother's Day gift I'd always hoped for. Validation. By my children. No joke, they should bottle that stuff forget about selling anti-depressants. Hearing that feels about as good as a three-year-old who says, "I love you the most, mommy!"

Friday, April 15, 2005


As I sit in an airport - and I've sat in many over the past few years - it occurred to me that as I watch people pass that I could know one of them from my past. I mean, who knows what has happened to my classmates over the years? After almost 30 years I wouldn't recognize a face anymore than I'd remember, say, a name.

Take that balding businessman - he looks about my age - could we have had geometry class together? I don't remember a single person in my 10th grade geometry class - so it is possible.

Or her, the woman in the pink track suit - could she have played flute in the marching band?

Some say I haven't changed - not true - but even if it were so, unless we were extraordinarily good friends I wouldn't recognize the faces. Other than a few unforgettable characters I have random, vivid memories of high school and college. Most of those memories are of events and not necessarily of the people involved.

Would I even recognize my high school sweetheart? Out of context? Probably not.

Speaking of airports...
No longer are they exciting places to meet strangers - everywhere you look there are people on cellphones. The sound of talk is deafening but all the conversations are one-sided. Those not on cellphones are wearing earbuds listening to music so loudly I can hear from two rows away. Can't say I blame them though, gotta drown out all those cell phone conversations somehow.